Wholesale Solar is wholesale distributor of solar electric equipment and other renewable energy products.

Although the main entry into Wholesale Solar is through our main website, www.wholesalesolar.com, and internet marketing, the company’s value lies in its well trained solar sales and design staff, who work with customers to size and design home power systems to suit each customer’s unique needs. Customer support staff educate, assist with utility rebates and see sales through to delivery. Commercial sales staff also facilitate purchase of equipment necessary for larger solar electricity farming.

The products that allow use of unlimited energy from sun and wind to power homes and businesses make sustainable living an attainable reality for families, communities, and countries. Wide use of solar and wind power systems can end the rampant pollution of mining and burning coal, can prevent the disasters of short-sighted nuclear power development, can eliminate need for warring over dwindling oil and gas supplies. We have the technology to power our homes, our vehicles, and our businesses with renewable sources of energy. It is Wholesale Solar’s mission to make this technology accessible to the mainstream

Wholesale Solar Work Community
Wholesale Solar has a reputation locally as being the company you want to work with: diverse, talented, good people whose employers are family friendly and care about personal growth and satisfaction. Our nineteen year history in the solar industry injects an authenticity in all aspects of our business. A teamwork approach to solar design and sales allows continued training of new staff by current staff, and gives customers decades of experience with the technology to draw on.

In the end, this business is a vehicle that allows a bunch of us to live in a small town at the base of the most beautiful Mt. Shasta—a rich life doing something we feel good about at the end of the day.